Media Ministry

The mission of the Media Ministry is to deliver audio, video, streaming, and web support to the Bridge to life Ministries Church through innovative and creative use of Technology. This involves a focus on always giving God our best as we aspire to always use our God given talents for the benefit of his kingdom.

Eligibility to Volunteer

In order to serve in this ministry, you must be a member of the Bridge to Life
Ministries Church. Some technical knowledge of operating the equipment in your
choice of ministry will be necessary. Additional training will be provided upon

Team Role:

Currently, our Media Ministry is divided into four general areas:
1. Audio: sound engineer.
2. Videography: camera operators, editors.
3. Media: media tech operating “Song Show Plus” etc.
4. Webmaster: which consist of a live-stream host team, and the Web design team.

 Director: Sean Brotherson

 Contact email:

*Note: Please submit a request form here for media requests related to Weddings, Christening, Funerals, Special Music/Videos, and for volunteer interests.